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Welcome to Galloway Dental Care

It is a difficult task to find a dentist in Miami that specializes in cosmetic dentistry but that also excels as a dentist in Miami. Luckily, now finding dental offices in Miami with a dentist that does dental implants and all kinds of cosmetic dentistry is easy to acquire, as you can choose to visit Dr. Rafael Valdes, a dentist expert with a pristine reputation for his dental implant work, as well as other exceptional cosmetic dental skills.

Dr. Rafael Valdes, along with his staff of highly trained dental professionals will ensure that you will receive top notch cosmetic dentistry procedures in all of Miami. Dr. Rafael Valdes and his staff all genuinely care for their patients and for this reason, patients’ needs are high priority. You can be sure that at Galloway Dental Care in Miami, you will be provided with excellent dental care!

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Our Services

Crown & Bridges

Dental crowns are specially designed caps that are placed over a tooth. Dental crowns help in the restoration of the tooth’s strength, shape, and size. The dental crowns can be used to restore teeth that are worn down due to improper oral care or normal wear and tear. Crowns are not only used to restore but they can also be used to protect weakened or cracked tooth.

On the other hand, dental bridges are exactly as the name suggest. These dental structures are made to bridge the gaps in between one or more missing teeth. The dental bridges are used together with dental crowns. The dental crowns are mounted on the two teeth surrounding the gap. A false tooth is designed in between the crowned teeth. The bridges main help in restoring your smile and bite. They can also be used in preventing the remaining teeth from falling out of position.

Both Crowns and Bridges are long-term dental procedures and are permanent prosthetic devices as these are bonded on the existing teeth that can be detached by a dentist only.

    • Crowns are mainly used to cover a damaged tooth occurred due to some tooth decay or an accident. Moreover, Crowns are also used to cover a dental implant as to give a natural tooth-like shape and structure for different oral functions like chewing and talking, etc. Crowns are available in different materials like Porcelain or ceramic, gold and metal alloys; however, Crowns made of Porcelain or ceramic are used more as they can be easily matched with the color of natural teeth.


  • Bridges, as the name indicates, are used to bridge the gap between two crowns or to restore one or more missing teeth. These bridges are fixed over natural teeth encircling the gap. These encircling teeth known as abutments act like an anchor to the bridge and to cover these abutments the replaced tooth is attached, known as Pontic.


Your teeth will be fitted with provisional coverage until your next appointment.


The new prosthesis is adjusted and permanently cemented

Tooth Whitening

Daily living can make the teeth easily prone to discoloring. Medical products, exposure to tea and coffee are just some of the things that can lead to teeth discoloring. Age is also a factor that can lead to discoloring and of course poor oral hygiene. However, teeth discoloring affects individuals differently.

Everyone feels uncomfortable having stained teeth. Such people feel ashamed whenever they are talking or laughing. With professional teeth whitening tools Galloway Dental Care offers the opportunity for people to restore there shinny white smiles!

Teeth whitening is bleaching phenomenon that is beneficial in whitening the discolored enamel. This process is most appreciable for patients having healthy, unrestored natural teeth. By undergoing teeth whitening process one can attain a whiter and attractive smile.

We have the Zoom® whitening system available, offering latest cutting edge technology to whiten the teeth in just a one-hour visit. By implementing Zoom® it has become easy to attain on an average 9 shades whiter teeth in numerous clients.

Teeth whitening process can be done only on natural teeth and cannot be performed on artificial teeth. We analyze the condition of your teeth then depending on it, perform the process. Teeth whitening are an economical, highly effectual solution to enhance the quality of your smile. We make sure that the task is performed excellently and professionally, as to deliver optimum results. We give your teeth an excellent reason to smile. Once you are convinced with the effectiveness of teeth whitening treatments, it is imperative for you to be aware that the longevity of the results depends on every individual’s lifestyle.

Gallery – Tooth Whitening: BEFORE


Gallery – Tooth Whitening: AFTER



In the past, having crooked teeth meant that one would get metal braces or headgears. Fortunately, now there are better options. Galloway Dental Care offers Invisalign, which are invisible teeth aligners. Although both metal braces and Invisalign help fix crooked teeth, Invisalign has more benefits to the user.

Invisalign is by far the most amazing technique of dentistry to straighten your teeth. As the name suggests, Invisalign is an invisible way to give the right alignment to your misaligned teeth. Unlike the traditional metal braces, these aligners are made of glass-like material that can be easily removed while flossing or brushing teeth.

Invisalign is a wonderful treatment that won’t disturb you while chewing or talking and gives you extreme comfort and ease at the same time. This dentistry procedure can be used for different dental treatments like space narrow arches, closure, anterior intrusion, relapse, and crowding.

Root canal

Another service offered at Galloway Dental Care is the root canal treatment. This is a treatment to save or repair a tooth that is extremely decayed or a tooth that is infected. The root canal procedure involves the removal of the pulp and nerve of the tooth and the inside is cleaned and sealed. Many people believe that the root canal procedure is the most painful procedure. However, at Galloway Dental Care we have the best tools and medication to ensure that the process is less painful or not painful at all.

Root Canals are used to aid a tooth that is severely damaged due to tooth decay or get infected. During the procedure the decayed or infected nerve and pulp are carefully removed. Later, the inner chamber of the tooth is sanitized and preserved effectively.


Before Root Canal


After Root Canal

Porcelain veneers

Porcelain Veneers are also referred to as dental veneers or porcelain laminates. These are wafer-thin shells of tooth materials specially designed to cover and improve the appearance of the teeth. Here at Galloway Dental Care we bond the shells carefully in front of the teeth thus changing their length, color, size, and shape them to your preference.

Porcelain Veneers are primarily used to correct the broken or crooked teeth as well as to align the out of proportion teeth. Veneers made by Porcelain are a semi-translucent shell, wafer thin, and custom made as to give the most desired results.

Moreover, Porcelain Veneers are also proved as a good solution for yellow teeth that cannot be rectified by teeth whitening or bleaching procedure. These Porcelain Veneers gives a natural look to your teeth.

A: Veneers B: Composite Resin Fillings

C: Full Porcelain Crowns

Gum Disease

If you have been diagnosed with gum disease do not worry, in fact you are not alone. According to research, many adults in the US have some form of gum disease. Gum disease range from simple gum inflammation to serious gum disease that later leads to major damage of the tissues and bones supporting the teeth. If the problem is not addressed in time, it can lead to loss of teeth. Stopping or slowing down of gum disease depends on how it is handled. Come to Galloway Dental Care clinic and we will provide you with the ultimate solution.

Gum Disease or Periodontal Disease usually occur after the age of 35, however if diagnosed at early stage, this can be easily treated. At Galloway Dental Care, the type of treatment is selected only after thorough analysis of your case complexity. Different treatments like Scaling and Root Planning are suggested to eliminate the calculus deposits over your teeth as well as to improve your oral health.

Dental Implants

At Galloway Dental Care, we also offer dental implants. These are artificial teeth placed into your jaw to replacement a lost or broken tooth.

Dental Implants are cosmetic replacements molded in Titanium and mounted in your jaw to restore a missing tooth or a group of teeth. Precisely, Dental Implants are one of the best dental procedures for those who have lost one or more tooth due to tooth decay, dentistry treatment failure or a facial accident.

Dental Implants can be done by two methods; one is Endosteal that is directly placed in the bone similar to a natural tooth. Another one is Subperiosteal that is implanted on the bone. This method is generally used where bone has emaciated as well as jaw structure is restricted. Both methods of Dental Implants improve your oral health.

Benefits of Implants
The primary benefit of dental implants in Miami is that the patient gets back his/her beautiful smile. Besides that here are other benefits.

  • Mended speech – Unlike poorly fitted dentures, dental implants neither slip nor make you mumble or slur your words. Thus give you complete freedom to speak without any worry.

  • Enhanced comfort level – Dental implants blended with your gums like natural teeth, thus get you enhanced comfort while chatting and chewing.

  • Boosted self-esteem – When you get natural looking teeth, the confidence level in you automatically boost up.

  • Better oral health – When you have dental implants, you can easily clean them like natural teeth. That directly results in good and sound oral health.

  • Long lasting – Dental implants are quite durable, if you take good care of them.

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